Skiing in Canada’s Rocky Mountains

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Canada and especially its western part should be selected not only because of the unique ski conditions. Canada, a country with a very small population, give us easy access to all sports away from the crowd, in the bosom of unspoiled nature. If someone wants to safely drink water from mountain streams, it will be able to do in the Rocky Mountains, where you can find grizzly bears, cougars, wolverines, wolves, reindeer, and many other animals which are rare or extinct in other places of the world.

The Rocky Mountains are part of the Cordilleras, massive mountain system with a length of 8000 km, stretching along the western coast of North America from the Bering Sea by Alaska, Canada, United States, Mexico and Central America to South America. Mac Kinley (6194 m) is the highest peak in North America – located in Alaska.

The Rocky Mountains are an source area of many important rivers, including Saskatchewan, Missouri, Arkansas, Rio Grande, Colorado, Columbia, Fraser. Just seven railways and several highways Crosses the Rocky Mountains. This transportation trails led as through many mountain passes and tunnels. Numerous glaciers also provide winter activities during warm months. The most famous glaciers in the Canadian Rockies is Angel, Athabasca, Bugaboo, Colombia, Logan, Vowell, Wapta.

Canada’s Rocky Mountains